World War I Memorial Inventory Project

Memorial depicting General Pershing located at Golden State Park, San Francisco CA
General Pershing Memorial, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA
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As a partner organization of the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission, the mission of the World War I Memorial Inventory Project (WW1MIP) is to assemble a comprehensive, searchable online database of all of the WWI memorials in the U.S. in order to promote their appreciation, interpretation, and long-term preservation. The Digital Ark (TDAC) is collaborating with the WW1MIP on a multi-year project to design and build a website, database and mobile application which will enable the public to participate directly in locating, documenting, and providing a preliminary condition assessment of the memorials. Through crowdsourcing, the website and mobile app will allow users to gather photographs, locations and conditions of memorials; use the mobile device's built-in GPS to geotag the sites; and upload photos and site documentation. The app will provide users with a map interface to locate identified memorials and to search for veterans names. The app, database and website will be instrumental in contributing to the memorials' physical and cultural rehabilitation and will provide a replicable model for similar cultural heritage and resource documentation projects.

ichael Hanlon, Military History Publisher
Video shoot with Michael Hanlon during laser scanning of General Pershing Memorial in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA July 2015

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