The Digital Ark Partners with World War I Memorial Inventory Project to Launch Website for Identification and Documentation of U.S. World War I Memorials

Archiving specialists seek the public’s assistance in identifying and preserving these national treasures

PROVIDENCE, R.I., August 27th, 2015 (PRNewswire) – The Digital Ark announced its entrance into the Washington D.C. market with the development of a website for the identification and documentation of all the World War I Memorials located throughout the United States.

The World War I Memorial Inventory Project website designed by The Digital Ark is built on an open-source platform for sharing cultural heritage collections online. The centerpiece of the website is a searchable database of U.S. World War I memorials that includes location, images, typology, history, condition, and the names of veterans listed on the memorials. This documentation will serve to educate the public and to assist the long-term preservation of the memorials. Web visitors can zoom into details of 3D models of memorials created using photogrammetry, a process that generates vivid 3D objects from photographs. The website is currently in beta version, and the subsequent development phases include a crowd-sourcing mobile application that will enable users to easily upload geo-tagged photos of a memorial from a smart phone; a transcription module that will add veterans’ names to the project database from uploaded photographs; and extensive educational and interpretive materials.

“Documenting the nation’s thousands of World War I memorials is an important but daunting undertaking,” said Mark Levitch, founder and president of the Project. “The Digital Ark has been an invaluable partner, from conceptualization through realization. Their expertise in everything from archival documentation to web and app design is indispensable. They see the big picture where it counts: forward-thinking technology, preservation and access, and the educational goals of the program.”

Watch video highlights from interviews with historians about the importance of preserving these national treasures. These videos were filmed on location in San Francisco during the process of laser scanning and capturing photogrammetry of four World War I memorials in Golden Gate Park. The World War I Memorial Inventory Project, a partner organization of the United States World War I Centennial Commission in commemorating the centenary of the First World War, is actively seeking sponsorship and support as well as the public’s assistance in identifying and documenting memorials. Visit to view memorials that have already been identified and to read about how you can get involved.