U.S. Naval War College

The Digital Ark (TDAC) is partnering with the U.S. Naval War College (USNWC) on several innovative projects to increase access to their special collections. For the Henry E. Eccles Library, TDAC digitized the Command Summary of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz. The Gray Book, as it is often referred to, has been described as “the most authoritative source on the Pacific War available anywhere.” This project comprised digitization and OCR (optical character recognition), website development, and the creation of bookmarked PDF/A documents (archival format). Thanks to the digital preservation of these fragile onionskin originals, these documents are electronically accessible and searchable for the first time. The USNWC Library has also hired TDAC to design and build a comprehensive digital repository for the Naval Historical Collection, the Navy’s archive of cultural heritage. This comprehensive collections website will feature rotating exhibits and advanced search and browsing capabilities, as well as the ability for visitors to add comments, rate items, email Favorite Albums, request materials, and share via social media.

TDAC has collaborated with the USNWC Museum to develop two interactive
iPad™ kiosk exhibits. For the first exhibit, TDAC provided book conservation and digitization services for two original journals from the War of 1812 of the U.S. privateer Yankee. Content development and programming incorporated an interactive timeline of the war, maps displaying the course of each voyage, voiceover recordings of journal excerpts, a flip book interface, videos, looping fact screens, and ruggedized signage.


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